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My Marathon Journey: From a Village to the World 🌍

Hi, I'm Nkosilathi Moyo, and this year, I'm taking on my first marathon! 🏁

But let me share a bit of my life story with you.

I grew up in a small village near Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe, raised by my loving grandmother. Life there was tough, with limited opportunities. Even before starting school, I cherished the hours spent at an open-air play club where village kids gathered to play and share meals cooked by the village women. It was a simple yet cherished part of my childhood.

When I finally moved to a nearby town for Grade one, I realized the difference in educational opportunities. I had to play catch-up for the next three years, but by Grade three, I caught up and held my own.

My journey continued as I moved from village to town and even across countries. Along the way, I became passionate about changing the lives of those in predominantly black communities through exposure to new perspectives.

That's where I met Karen Temlett through my work. She introduced me to Funda Kunye, an organization making a real difference. I was inspired by their approach to shaping young minds and empowering caregivers in underserved communities. It reminded me of my own childhood struggles and the importance of early education.

So, here's the exciting part: I'm dedicating my marathon run at this year's Sanlam Cape Town Marathon to Funda Kunye! 🌟

I believe that what Funda Kunye is doing is truly transformative, offering people a better shot at life.

Together, we can raise funds to support Funda Kunye's creches and caregiver programs, making a lasting impact on young lives.

I have started a fundraising profile on GivenGain. Click the link below and make your donation now.

And join me on this journey of change and empowerment!

Stay tuned for updates as we prepare for the marathon this October.

Together, we can make a difference!

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