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Early Childhood Education and Development intervention is paramount in the earlier years to create a foundation that children can draw from, in their future academic careers. As we know the first 1000-2000 days are crucial in the development of a young child. Ultimately, the correct care and stimulation in the first few years can reduce developmental delays and/or challenges later in these children’s lives. This can change the trajectory of their future!

Research shows that the early years are recognised as the ideal phase for the passing of values that are important for the building of a peaceful, prosperous, and democratic society. Early and appropriate provisioning and interventions for children at risk can reverse the effects of deprivation and vulnerability and make it possible for children to grow and develop to their full potential.

We have seen first-hand the immense effort made by the community to provide young children with care and education. However, many teachers/caregivers lack basic ECD teaching skills.

Through the training provided by Funda Kunye, we hope to encourage, support and equip the caregivers with skills, knowledge, and confidence about the importance of early childhood education and intervention. The training covers a range of ECD skills which will enable the caregivers to have the capacity to provide a good quality early learning experience to the children in their care.


Upon completion of the training, we invite the caregivers to continue our Early Learning Program. This enhances their skills even more by providing an easy-to-use, daily, themed programme, making planning and teaching easier to promote the skills needed for optimal development and to improve the quality of early learning programmes at the ECD daycare centres.

The ELP was developed by an Occupational Therapist and Educationist with many years of experience in the ECD sector. Aimed at 3–36 month-old children, reaching very young provides them with a good foundation for further learning.

As part of the training, the caregivers make some of their own equipment which forms part of the Edukit. This provides a learning opportunity on how to use household and recycled materials. The Edukit is age-appropriate, and the ‘toys’ chosen are for multiple uses, therefore reducing the cost of purchasing single-use items.

Nobantu and Renaldi, our field workers, provide support with on-site visits to the caregivers ensuring the effective implementation of the training and the Early Learning Program.

We offer the following comprehensive, easy-to-use programs: 

3-12 months

Stimulation program

1-3 years

Term 1-4


Early Childhood Care & Education Course

Starting in February 2024

16 weeks of fun interactive learning

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Foundation Phase Parent Workshop

Learning about Early childhood development, parenting skills and creating age-appropriate activities and games to play at home

Financial Basics Workshop

Learning about savings and investments, good and bad debt, how to budget and how to save for the future

Creative Workshop

Learning about how recycled waste can be turned into beautiful, creative items

Entrepreneurial Training Workshop

Learning about how to run a small business effectively. 

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